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Changing the World One Byte at the Time
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Data Scientists are the rock stars of the tech world, and London start-up Pivigo helps them get their mojo  If you’re in the tech business, pray you’re never tasked with recruiting a Data Scientist. Good ones are rarer than hen’s teeth, … Read More

Sharing Knowledge Beyond the Ivory Tower
| | was founded in 2008 with the mission of making knowledge more accessible and fostering discussion amongst scholars. 8 years later the platform hosts over 12 million Open Access papers and has a global community of more than 35 million … Read More

Evolving Books into Virtual Reality Experiences
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Most of us grew up with a schooling system based on Knowledge transfer. The assumption was that this knowledge was contained mostly in books, and should be delivered through mechanisms such as exercises, drills and tests. Teachers have, of course, … Read More

Teaching Teachers with EdTech
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Being a teacher isn’t easy. If, like me, you have friends and family who have selflessly chosen to dedicate their lives to this noble pursuit, you probably also have a lot of respect and admiration for the profession, together with … Read More

Adaptive Learning Boosting ESL Skills
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“There’s no question that technology has its place in education. The question is how to integrate it in such a way as to help without interfering.” The answer, according to EduSynch Founder and CEO Sean “Lorenzo” Kilachand, is a blended … Read More